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We don’t have a budget.

We’re all set.

I’m happy with what I’m doing.

Not now, maybe later.

We handle that internally.

We’re happy with (Name of Competitor).

Objections, stalls, and hesitancies are a part of the sales dance and how you execute the steps can mean the difference between moving the dance closer to “yes” or stumbling out the door.

Of course, the more carefully you identify your prospects and lead them to you with exquisite marketing, the easier it is to generate business.

But make no mistake about it, you can brand and market your heart out and still not generate enough sales. That’s the plain truth.

Here’s how to handle those objections:

Patiently and persuasively:

Tell them you understand their situation or hesitancy;

Mention you’ve heard it before;

Overcome the objection or hesitancy with a coherent rebuttal;

Control the conversation and ask a probing question.

You goal is to not be “shut down” but to continue the dialogue.

What do you do when you hear “no?”

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