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Networking and Sales: A Match Made In Heaven

I love to network. It’s: Thrilling Fun Exciting Beneficial Business building Friend making Educational Supportive And once more, fun.

Or it should be. Leads are great, introductions wonderful, because at the end of the day, we have to conduct business and get paid for our work so we can attend to the pesky details of “adulting” like paying bills, eating, paying the rent or mortgage. But at its essence, effective networking stems from people and if the people don’t understand the essence of networking, then it’s very possible the other business building aspects won’t happen either.

The “essence” of networking is the people doing it, the relationships built, and the trust and appreciation that grows with each interaction.

It isn’t thrusting a card into someone’s hand, or spamming inboxes. It’s valuable and real, and should play a big role in every sales rep and business owner’s business development tactics.

Do we know each other? Would you like to have a call?

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