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Do You Have a Rolodex of Resources?

Do you have a rolodex of resources?

OK, I know no one uses a rolodex anymore but I loved the alliteration.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little insight into how I utilize my network to foster connections and create opportunities. I also include this in my sales training because, well, it works.

Networking isn't just about having a list of names to call when you need something. It's about making strategic introductions both reactively (like when someone asks, "Hey Adrian, do you know a good web designer?") and proactively (like when I think, "Hmm, hey you two, you should chat because I see some amazing potential business opportunities here!").

I believe in the power of proactive networking. Introducing people shouldn’t be haphazard—it’s a strategic part of effective networking.

By thoughtfully connecting individuals who can benefit from each other, we create a web of opportunities that can lead to incredible outcomes, now and in the future.

Your contacts are valuable resources. Use them wisely and strategically. Networking is more than just collecting business cards; it’s about fostering connections that can lead to something extraordinary.

PS Action tip: Today, yes today, make 5 proactive introductions and watch it snowball.


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