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How to Handle Objections...REALLY

Here’s how to handle the objections and push back that come with selling.

First, mindset:

  • Objections are part and parcel of the sales process.

  • Embrace them.

  • See them as opportunities to dive deeper into understanding your prospect's needs.

Fact: the absence of objections doesn't always signify a smooth sailing.

  • It could mean your prospect isn't fully engaged or doesn't see the value yet.

  • Welcome objections as they signal active participation and provide invaluable insights into your prospect's concerns.

Old school response – I understand how you feel, and I have clients that felt the same way. What they found is RESELL and then end with a question to re-open the dialogue.

It's about building relationships, understanding pain points, and offering tailored solutions.

In sales, rarely does one clinch an immediate deal.


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