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Use the 3 I's or Else!

Here’s a sales strategy that works every time.

First, what doesn’t work:

“Hey there, it’s Adrian calling to touch base.”


Staying in touch with your prospects and professional network isn’t about the generic “check in” or “touch base” messages. 

They’re not your mom.

They’re busy.

Instead, think about how you can add value from the very start of the relationship. 

The 3 I’s—Introductions, Invitations, and Information are the way to stay on the grid and gain traction too.

Introductions are the lifeblood of business. 

A well-considered introduction can keep you top of mind with your contacts. When making a cyber introduction, clearly explain why the connection is important. This benefits the people you’re introducing, but will build your reputation as a valuable connector.

Invitations are another powerful tool. 

We all receive invites to various events, webinars, and networking opportunities. If you’re invited to something that isn’t exclusive to YOU, why not share it with your network? Forwarding relevant invitations shows that you’re thinking of others and looking to provide value, enhancing your relationships effortlessly. For instance, S. Scott Mason is soon running a valuable webinar. Why not share the link?

Information is perhaps the most impactful of the three I’s. 

Sharing insightful content—like articles, videos, or TED Talks—positions you as a thought leader. But don’t just send a link; summarize the key points and explain why you think it’s relevant to the recipient. This demonstrates your thoughtfulness and expertise, and helps you develop deeper connections.

The essence of the 3 I’s is to stay visible and valuable without resorting to superficial check-ins. 

Your touchpoints should be meaningful and beneficial for your contacts. Once you incorporate this approach into your routine, it becomes second nature.

So, the next time you’re tempted to send a simple “just checking in” email, remember the 3 I’s.

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