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Who's Smiling Now?

Ever noticed how our selfies on social media are either super happy or kinda sad, but rarely in between? It's like we're living in extremes online! But why does this happen since we live most of our lives in-between?

Think about it: social media is like our own personal highlight reel. We want to show off the best (or sometimes worst) moments of our lives to get that sweet, sweet validation from our friends and followers. So, naturally, we tend to post pics that are either full of joy or dripping with sadness – they get the most attention, after all!

Plus, there's this weird thing called emotional contagion. Basically, when we see someone else posting a super happy or sad selfie, we're more likely to feel those same emotions and post something similar. It's like we're all in this emotional echo chamber, feeding off each other's vibes.

Then there's the pressure to fit in. Society tells us we should always be happy and successful, right? So, we feel this need to show off our happiest moments online, even if our lives aren't all rainbows and sunshine. And when things aren't going so great, we might post sad selfies to get some sympathy or support from our online pals.

But let's not forget about the art of selective sharing. We only show the parts of our lives that we want people to see – the good stuff. So, it's no wonder our social media feeds are filled with extremes. We're not showing the boring, everyday stuff – just the highs and lows.

So, next time you're scrolling through your feed and wondering why everyone's either ecstatic or bummed out, remember: social media is just a snapshot of our lives, not the whole picture.


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